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Mark Baker was born in Massachusetts, the cradle of the American Revolution and the birth ground of American democracy. He became a member of the Armed Forces, by serving in the U.S. Air Force. While serving his country, Mark also began his farm venture by raising hogs in a farrow to freezer operation. He also raised chicken, turkeys, beef, and maintained a huge garden. Mark and his wife Jill, along with their 8 children, continue to raise produce and animals to sustain themselves and to sell. This has been a way of life for the Baker Family for nearly 20 years. After his 20 years of service, Mark retired from the U.S. Air Force and in 2004 moved his family to Missaukee County, Michigan and the dream of Baker’s Green Acres became a reality and a full time occupation for the Baker Family. Mark feels strongly about the revolutionary idea that consumers have the right to eat wholesome, farmer direct food.  With that passion, Mark recently took on Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources to defend farmers’ Constitutional Rights to private property and due process. However, the Constitution isn’t just for hog farmers. During the 3 ½ year battle with the DNR, Mark realized that citizens need representatives to stand in the gap to help defend their rights as American citizens, under the Bill of Rights. The Sheriff is a public servant, sworn to defend the Constitution and thereby the county’s citizens. Mark believes his service to his country goes beyond being a member of the military and extends to his county. Mark is passionate about protecting and serving the Constitution and Missaukee County’s citizens. Mark Baker, is therefore, applying to the people of Missaukee County to be their Sheriff and defender of the Constitution.

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